Petra, Maine

Bull Moose

You won't find Petra, Maine on a map. We refer to our one hundred acre piece of land in extreme Northern Maine as Petra. The reference is to Bible prophecy, where Petra is thought to be a place where God will house Christians in Israel who are fleeing from the Antichrist.

Since buying the land, I have walked through much of it, and have taken several photographs, some of which I'll post here, but mostly what you will here will be photographs and short video clips taken from a wildlife camera that I periodically move to different parts of the land.

The camera is mounted on a tree, generally, in different parts of our property. With an 8 MG Sandisk and fresh batteries, I could leave it there for months, but I usually collect and replace the disks every week or less, depending on how far out into the woods I've placed it.

Our land is accessible only by snowmobile in the winter, and I think I have found the bear's den, so before the snow falls, I'll be setting my camera up facing the den and leave it there for the entire season.

Snow and rain might blur some of the photographs, but it won't harm the camera. The first time I mounted it in the woods, early this spring, I learned that it was going to rain for seven days straight. I thought about collecting it, then decided that was as good a time as any to test it out, while it was still under warranty. The camera was fine, and it even took some good pictures.

The metal case that my camera is in was an accessory, and I'm glad I bought it, since the bear has tried to maul the camera three times now. Try as he may, the worst he's done so far is to smudge the lens by sticking his nose in it.

Primos Truth Cam 35

As of this writing, I have captured photographs and video of at least three different black bears, one of which has shown up so often that I wonder if he isn't stalking me in the woods. There are also photographs of moose, deer, and smaller animals such as rabbits, raccoons, squirrels and chipmunks, as well as birds.

As for Petra, my wife and I are working on another site that will provide more information about the land and what we plan for it. Once it's up, I'll link to it from here.

This site is about the wildlife of Petra, and it exists particularly to display photographs and video clips of the animals there.

My wildlife cameras are a Primos Truth Cam 35, which cost me less than a hundred dollars, and a Primos Truth Cam 46, which cost just over a hundred dollars. Each of these cameras use four D-cell batteries and an SD card. The Truth Cam 35 is the least expensive camera that Primos offers, but it is reliable and it takes good pictures.

Primos also makes the Truth Cam 60 and some other specialty cameras, the largest differences in the models, other than price, is in the amount of infrared LEDs present, different detection ranges, and higher resolution. The Truth Cam 35 offers 3 mega-pixel resolution, while the resolution available from the Truth Cam 46 is 5 mega-pixels. The Truth Cam 60 goes up to 7 mega-pixels.

Depending on the purpose you intend for the camera, a couple of possible negatives are an audible click that the camera makes as it snaps a still picture during the day, as well as a red light that blinks every time a photo is taken, day or night. If you were intending it as a security camera, these would not be good features.

At first, I thought this might be a bad thing for my purposes too, as I was afraid that the noise and light might spook the wildlife. Rather, I have found that it gets their attention and encourages them to come closer to investigate the sound. Plus, of course, this results in more pictures where the subject is facing the camera.

Had I not invested in the protective metal case, the bear would have mauled my camera months ago, so you may want to consider that.

Additionally, I have just ordered a Bushnell Trophy Cam trail camera. This camera was ordered after I have picked my cameras up for the winter, however. For that reason, it won't be put into service until spring.

The 2012 photos will begin to be uploaded soon.

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